Grow Your Business

What if you could:

    • Make your existing customers feel valued and connected to your brand
    • Bring in new local customers that don’t know you exist
    • Increase sales and market share to grow your business  

All for less than the cost of a postage stamp per customer!

Let K-Team show you how.

Mail Marketing is affordable with PROVEN results. Each piece is personal and STANDS OUT. Your message is targeted to the audience you choose, with measurable results. Mail Marketing’s affordability, flexibility, and return on investment means it should be a part of EVERY business’ marketing plan.

At K-Team, we are passionate about helping local businesses succeed through smart, effective mail marketing strategies. We will help you craft your message, develop an engaging and measurable offer for consumers, design an eye-catching piece, and put it in the mail for you - all for one low cost per contact.

Learn more about our mail marketing programs below, and then call (985) 345-7530 for a complementary target market analysis and consultation.


You have to make the most out of your marketing dollars. We have been your local printing and mail marketing experts since 1983, and we know direct mail is the secret to growing your customers and your business.

It’s Cost-Effective

In mail marketing, every contact receives a high-quality, beautiful advertisement delivered to their door. The best part for you? The cost is so affordable! We can help you design, print, and mail a piece starting at less than the cost of a postage stamp for each contact. It gets better -  you can start with as low as 200 pieces to qualify for bulk postage rates. You don’t need a permit - you can use ours! How you send out mail has a huge impact on the cost of postage.  We keep up with the latest guidelines at the USPS to make sure we get the best possible pricing for our clients.


It Stands Out!

Mail Marketing allows you to connect with your existing customers and new customers - in their own home. In an age when we are BOMBARDED with messages online, stand out by giving your customers a beautiful offer that they can hold in their hand. Readers can slow down and absorb, process, and retain the information. How’s that for high impact?

It’s Proven

Mail marketing is a time-tested and credible medium with proven results that no Internet advertising can match. 65% of people have made a purchase based on a direct mail offer, and direct mail marketing beats email and SEO for return on investment for acquiring new customers.

We Make It Easy!

Whether you are sending out 500 thank you cards or 5,000 direct mail advertisements - we can handle all aspects. WE make it SIMPLE! We coordinate your message, work with you to find you the perfect audience for highest return on investment, and produce and mail your piece - all for one low cost per contact. Do you have materials to mail to your existing customer base? Just give us the list - we do all the rest. Let us save you time, money, and frustration.


Community Mailing

Looking for an affordable way to reach local consumers? Community Mailing is a program provided by K-Team in conjunction with the United States Post Office that enables your business to send postcards or advertisements to a targeted lists without the need to purchase a mailing list or print specific address on your piece - SAVING YOU MONEY!

Direct Mail

Want to deliver your message to your targeted, ideal customer? For Direct Mail projects, K-Team works with our clients to analyze the target market(s) for current and future growth, purchase the most effective consumer lists, provide strategy for timing and frequency, and design eye-catching marketing pieces. Connect with the customers you want and get results!

Prospect Mailing

Need help getting your offer to the right hands? Through our Prospect Mail program, we can help you connect with the individuals, households, or companies most likely to respond to your offers.

Have your own list of customers and contacts? We can help you put together a plan to consistently communicate with your customer base to increase loyalty and increase repeat business.

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